New Google Mobile Search Options Only Work with Android, iPhone, webOS-Everyone Else Should Head to Bing Mobile


Google continues to enhance the mobile web experience…

Introducing Search Options for mobile

This search options enhancement, however, is limited to the iPhone, Android smartphones, and the Palm Pre (webOS). Symbian S60, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile smartphones and their users are left out in the cold. You can see the kinds of search options available on an iPhone or iPod touch in the left screenshot above. Running the same search on a Windows Mobile smartphone (an HTC TyTn in this case) results in an option-less search result.

Google’s search options let you filter searches by categories (e.g., only discussion forums) or time and can be quite handy to narrow search results. However, unless you have one of the favored mobile platforms, you won’t have access to this new feature.

Users of the unfavored platforms (Windows Mobile, S60, BlackBerry) might want to try the Bing mobile search site at…

It doesn’t have Google’s search options feature. However, Bing does autocategorize search results into categories such as web, images, news, and products.