New Forbes President Talks Shop

"To be on the cover of Forbes still is an iconic measure of success."

Mike Federle, COO and recently-appointed president of Forbes Media, talked to Folio about a wide range of subjects. Federle opened up about the challenges Forbes faces, the power of print and more. Below are some highlights, but the entire piece is worth a read.

On the difficulties facing Forbes:

The challenge is that nothing is ever done, right? The moment we feel like ‘oh boy, we’re in a great spot,’ something changes, whether it’s ad blocking that becomes an issue or viewability…Distribution models of content are creating new issues and concerns for us that we have to address.

On the power of print:

The print product remains the front door to our brand. Especially when you start looking at all the licensed products around the world — with the exception of France — it always starts with the print product. It’s what people identify Forbes with. To be on the cover of Forbes still is an iconic measure of success.

On Forbes’ dedication to expansion:

Every time we launch a new licensed product—and we now have 36 around the world, in 36 different countries—we kind of plant our flag in a new market and we create opportunities for other businesses to grow around that.