New Florida Law Requires eTextbooks in High Schools in 4 Years

The Florida State Legislature is considering a new bill that could make lugging heavy textbooks around a thing of the past. The new law, passed as part of the education budget, would require Florida public schools to switch to only using digital textbooks by the 2015-16 school year. It would also require them to spend at least half of their textbook budget on digital content by that time.

This measure, while popular with state legislators and the state DOE, isn’t going over too well with all teacher. “In a year when you’re cutting the budget by 8 percent, that doesn’t give you a whole lot of resources,” said Vernon Pickup-Crawford, a lobbyist for several school districts. “It is four years down the road. That gives us some time to start looking at what we need to do and hopefully in four years we can scrounge up the resources.”

The new bill hasn’t been signed into law, but there’s no sign it won’t be.

image by hikingviking