New Facebook Web Site Rolling Out to Optimize Mobile Viewing for Any Phone Browser

If you use the Facebook for iOS (iPhone/iPad) app and then use the Facebook for Android app, you’ll notice a number of differences that adds up to a very different look and feel. For example, Facebook for Android displays recently shared photos in between the main menu of icons at the top and the small notifications bar at the bottom. Facebook for iOS does not show any photos in this view. Similarly, up to now, there were two distinct and separately maintained mobile web friendly pages. One was tweaked for smartphones with touch screens and the other for the simpler but more numerous (for now) feature phones. Facebook merged the two sites into a single site to reduce maintenance issues and provide a more consistent experiences for users regardless of what kind of phone they use. You can see how the current Facebook looks on my Android powered Motorola Droid in the screenshot to the left.

Facebook Now Has 250 Million Mobile Users (And A New Unified Mobile Website To Match)

Not everyone will see the new site right away. However, everyone will eventually be able to see it by pointing their browser at:

Facebook detects what kind of web browser is on your phone and adjusts itself for an optimial mobile web viewing experience.

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