New design of 9rules Communities

The main idea of the new design of 9rules is availability of information and content. They are focusing to improve and ease content finding and they have made several features that do this work.

9rules design


The previous design of 9rules was nice but I have to agree with Scrivs that this version was a bit “busy” and uncomfortable for users to find something.

“Looking at the screenshot of the previous 9rules you can see aesthetically it is a nice looking site. The problem was it was a very busy, nice-looking site. Instead of being able to scan the page you almost got lost in it to the point where you just wanted to get away before your brain exploded so our first goal was to simplify things.”

This version of 9rules have more features but readability of the page content didn’t suffer – it increased and now it is easy to find something and easy to navigate through the page.

The new features are:

– Featured Blog entry area;

– Community Leader featured area;

– “Recent Member Articles??? area (it is my favorite);

9rules Notes;

– Members and non-members are able to post a new Note via the Community page;

– Community Browser on the bottom of the page;

More information of the new design you can find on 9rules Network Official Blog I have only mentioned them. 9rules have done great job and I think most of readers will think the same.

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