New CareerBuilder Survey Reveals Many Employers Willing to Negotiate With College Grads

As the job market picks up, here’s more good news: Nearly half of the employers in a recent survey said they would pay recent graduates between $30,000 and 49,999 this year.

According to the CareerBuilder poll, 25 percent reported they would pay a recent grad $50,000 or more! Although three out of four said they aren’t flexible with salary, the remaining 25 percent said yes, they would consider bumping up a starting salary during negotiations.

In addition to salary, 22 percent of employers were open to negotiating a flexible schedule and 16 percent were amenable to reimbursement for additional schooling. When it comes to bonuses, yes, 14 percent said they were open to considering it and 13 percent were open to covering the cost of a mobile phone. As for recent grads asking about relocation expenses, it’s fine to ask but only 12 percent said they would consider it.

The survey was conducted between mid-February and early March and encompassed 2,184 hiring managers and human resources professionals across the country.