New App Uses Photos from Stolen iPhone to Catch the Thief

It’s a fact of life that gadgets go missing from time to time, and it’s also a fact of life that sometimes he gadgets have help. That’s why I’m pleased to show you a new app which will let a hacked iPhone take photos after it’s been stolen and send those photos to your email. The app is called iLostFinder, and you can find it in Cydia.

iLostFinder is better described as a tweak. It’s not set up to run as an app so much as it’s intended to work with your iPhone’s unlock screen. Once you have the tweak installed and configured, it will sit and wait for someone to enter the wrong passcode while trying to unlock the iPhone.

iLostFinder will use the front facing camera to take a photo which will then be sent to your email. Hopefully this will help you identify whoever is holding the iPhone, be it a relative, friend, or possibly a thief. You can also set it to display a warning message with instructions on how to return the iPhone.

This demo video offers more details:

via zeroPaid