New Ad-Supported Kindle 3G Available for $164

Amazon’s Kindle took off when they introduced a WiFi-only model for $139 late last summer. The advertisement supported versoin of the WiFi-only Kindle became available just a few weeks ago for only $114 and quickly became the best selling model according to Amazon.

Many are expecting Amazon to announce an Android tablet of some kind to compete with Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color and other Android tablets. However, that is not to be just yet. Instead Amazon announced a variant of their last successful play.

Amazon introducing ad-supported Kindle with 3G (USA Today)

The ad-supported Kindle 3G cost $164. This is $25 less than the $189 3G model without advertisements. Advertisements appear at the bottom of the Kindle’s list of books as well as the screensaver page (the page displayed when the Kindle is turned off). Advertisements do not appear on pages of books you read. Here’s what Amazon says about ads on the Kindle: Special offers and sponsored screensavers display on the Kindle screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen—they don’t interrupt reading. I’ve highlighted the advertisement area in the book list page here to make it easier to find it.

Were you considering a WiFi-only model recently? Does the new ad-supported 3G Kindle seem more appealing at $164.

Kindle 3G with advertisements