Nevada Businessmen Now Fighting Amazon Over Sales Tax

The Retail Association of Nevada and the Nevada Resort Association are about to launch a $50,000 advertising campaign. Their goal is to build support for a change in Nevada state law. The RAN and the NRA want to force Amazon and other web retailers to collect sales tax for the state of Nevada.

I really have to wonder about the people running these associations.  They’re going to try to convince consumers to pay more for the goods they buy online. Do they really think that’s going to work? Consumers shop online because it’s cheaper. I’d bet that most who shop online know about the sales tax and that’s half the reason they’re not shopping in a store.

And then there’s the impossibility of enforcing this law. To put it simply, if a company does not actually operate in a state then there is no way for such a law to be enforced. Amazon has a distribution center in the state, but not for much longer, I’d say.

As a former resident of Nevada I can make a pretty good guess about the outcome. The tax laws will indeed be changed (the businessmen are major campaign contributors to certain politicians), Amazon will close its distribution center, and the state of Nevada will lose around a thousand jobs.

via AP

image by Thomas Hawk