Networking Relies On ‘The Beauty of Compound Interest’

Mark W. McClennan, APR, shares his philosophy on networking in a blog post for PRSA.

He says that networking isn’t about “what can you do for me” (well, duh) but is about nurturing relationships.

You can do it anywhere (another duh).

But what surprised us is the amount of time McClennan’s willing to take for those relationships to grow and bear fruit.

He says: “At first, your network seems small, but if you keep it up, the beauty of compound interest gives even someone who is an average networker an amazing web of contacts and influencers in just five to 10 years.”

Five to 10 years? No wonder everyone says you need to start building your network before you need it.

Call us idealistic, but we thought maybe, like, six weeks would be enough.

In other words, in an ideal world, you’d be making contacts before you even start college. Kind of a scary thought, but as McClennan says, even the average networker can win if you start early.