Network TV on Mobile Gaining Strength

Back at the dawn of mobile video, the popular belief was that no one in their right mind would watch a full-length show on such a tiny screen. With bigger screens, better resolution and, well, worthwhile content, that appears to be changing.

According to a recent Nielsen Mobile report, mobile users streamed 1.8 million videos from last fall. Some 1.3 million of those streams were full episodes of NBC shows, says a Mediaweek story on mobile television.

“Long-form is doing better for us than short form, and yes we’re surprised,” said Steve Andrade, general manager of “But we shouldn’t be surprised, since we had the same thought online, and that’s proven not to be true.”

CBS Mobile senior VP Jeff Sellinger told the publication that the same is true for his network. One reason for this, he said, is that with mobile, consumers watch what they know rather than browsing aimlessly. This behavior bodes well for known series, but makes for an uncertain future for made-for-mobile series.

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