Netflix Wants to Double Original Content by 2014

One new series already planned

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos discussed “phase two” of the streaming service's foray into original content.

Sarandos said he wants to double the slate of originals in 2014, with eight new shows, telling THR, “People’s tastes are wildly diverse, and I want to be able to appeal to all of those tastes and across demos.”

This year, Netflix introduced four series that appeal to a range of palates: the $100 million David Fincher Beltway drama House of Cards; Hemlock Grove, a horror thriller that skews young; the women-driven dramedy Orange Is the New Black; and the highly anticipated Arrested Development revamp, premiering May 26. (There’s always money in the banana stand.)

Netflix already has one original planned for 2014: Series8, a sci-fi series from the creators of The Matrix.

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vp of original content, said Netflix is interested in playing a larger role in creating material, as opposed to just licensing it.

As Netflix amps up its original offerings—with plans to gain more control over production—it may turn to commercial content to fund them. House of Cards was awash with ubiquitous product placements. In the future, Netflix may strike deals similar to its synergistic relationship with Sony—the PS3 and PS Vita are featured in House of Cards, while Netflix content is available for streaming on both consoles.

Netflix in Q1 gained 2.03 million new subscribers, outperforming Barclays Equity Research’s earlier projection of 1.8 million adds.

Paid streaming subscribers to Netflix totaled 27.9 million at the end of March, putting the service within shooting distance of HBO (28.7 million).

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