‘Psycho’ Gets to Cover Pac-12 Media Day

There is a very funny essay on NeonTommy.com by Roy Nwaisser, the USC Trojans football fan whose antics have earned him the nickname “Psycho.”

He was dispatched yesterday by the USC Annenberg website to cover Pac-12 Media Day and provide the publication with a fan’s perspective. The surprised everyman only briefly contemplated doing some prep work, before discovering that he probably could have covered the event without the blessings of the NeonTommy Sports gang:

When I get to media day the first thing I notice is that admission to this gig is super lax. They’ll let just about anyone in here. Not on the credentials list? No problem, we’ll just write your name at the bottom of the list and give you a pass. No questions asked. Kind of surprising since I’m told this joint is on the list of top 100 terror targets in the USA. Next year, if anyone would like to follow in my footsteps (and I can’t imagine why anyone would) feel free to just show up with a reporter’s pad. But don’t tell them I sent you.

You’ve got to love a reporter who confesses he doesn’t care about “what most of the coaches have to say.” He’s not alone on that front, but usually, this sort of professional whisper bypasses final copy. Go Psycho!

[Photo, from media day proceedings, courtesy Nwaisser]