Neon Tommy Is a HUGE Operation

neon tommy huge.png

In passing along her wonderful story about Homeboy Industries’ recent good fortune, Neon Tommy editor-in-chief Callie Schweitzer casually mentioned that the staff at Neon Tommy has grown to 275 people.

275!!!? Really!!!?

“Ever since we launched the new site things have taken off,” she tells us. “We’ve grown to about 275 staffers, which includes editors, writers, social media experts, photographers, videographers and PR people. The spirit here is so high–especially now in the middle of Social Media Week when we’ve set a high goal to double our Facebook fans and Twitter followers. The feeling of being in an adrenaline-filled newsroom is priceless.”

Of that 275 people, 225 are writers or editors–that’s up from about 100 last year. Schweitzer oversees them all.

Hey Schweitzer, don’t forget to holler at us when you’re running the LA Times in five years.