Need a Dinner Date?

There’s so much Jeff Gannon news out there today that we can’t really keep up.

Each time we think that his fifteen minutes have passed, he shows up for another round. After first saying he didn’t think doing more interviews would be beneficial to his case, he then showed up on Anderson Cooper last Friday and was all over Howard Kurtz’s column yesterday. And while Media Matters is trying to make hay out of whether Jeff Gannon was invited to various White House Christmas parties, CBS’ Dotty Lynch is the first to ask whether Gannon has ties to Karl Rove.

Now, today, Gannon/Guckert talked with E&P, and told them he hopes to attend the White House Correspondents Association dinner this year, as he claims to have done for the last two years. He’s not a WHCA member, so he’s hoping that someone invites him.

If you’re looking to bring him, though, you’d be well put to remember that he charges $200 an hour for outcalls.

(FYI, Fishbowl’s rates, by the way, are much lower, and we think we’d make a much better correspondents’ association dinner date…)