Neal Boulton: Gay, Bi, Lesbian, But Not Trans

nboultonsmall.jpgYou gotta love Neal Boulton. The former Men’s Fitness EIC who, rumor has it, was axed after fraternizing with Jann Wenner, comes out in the October editor’s letter of Genre: “I’m gay — but I’m American.”

He doesn’t stop there, however. Wailing on his justified dislike of labels, he writes:

“I have passed through every letter of our alphabetic acronym GLBT and loved every minute of it. The B issued me two stunning children, but I stopped at T because I gotta admit, operations scare me. As for the L — and a Harley rider — I am still turned on by a tough chic on a hot bike.”

Well put, Neal, well put.

The full letter’s after the jump.