NBC’s News

A roundup:

  • Page Six has, what seems to be, a rather dubious item, claiming that NBC is pissed at Chuck Todd for allegedly being a leaker. (One former colleague of Chuck’s tells FishbowlDC: “Chuck would NEVER do that… he’s been the biggest gentleman in terms of never commenting on, etc.”)

  • Re: the leaks, TVNewser’s Chris Ariens asks: “So, was Huffington Post lucky or good?”

  • Chris Matthews: In it to win it? Or is he just inquisitive?

  • From Tim Russert to David Gregory: A Meet The Press Timeline

  • How The David Gregory Leak Danced Prematurely Into The Press

  • David Gregory is known as a popular NBC anchor and current White House correspondent, who is often mocked on Fox News’ ‘Red Eye’ program for his amazing head of hair.”

  • TVBarn.com: “David Gregory to ‘Meet the Press’: I’m down with that”

  • David Zurawik: “Let’s hear it for Brokaw as he hands baton to Gregory

  • Bloggers, Pick Chuck Todd For Meet The Press

  • Amy Argetsinger, yesterday:

      Anyway, got into a big debate in the newsroom after deadline last night about whether this was a good idea or a bad idea, and we all had some very strong opinions about this, before we confessed that actually none of us ever watches “Meet the Press.”

  • Ana Marie Cox, yesterday:

      I think David Gregory will bring a measure of “Gen X” wit and irreverence to the stately franchise of MTP and in looking down the road, an increased presence for Chuck Todd — or, as the kids call him “Chuckie T” (funny! like a rap name!)..