Savannah Guthrie Getting Strange Shout-Outs

Last week Wendy’s fast food restaurant chain took notice of her new red-hued locks. “Welcome to the club,” they wrote on Twitter. Even The Christian Post got in on the action, writing a spot piece on her new hair color and one day wanting children with fiancé Michael Feldman. This week it’s HBO’s “The Newsroom” for her dancing and height. Whatever the case, NBC “Today” show co-host Savannah Guthrie is drifting into the spotlight with mentions in the least obvious places.

“How’d the date with the Giant last night?” Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) asked Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) in last night’s episode of “The Newsroom.” Sloan replied, “Not that good. He did ditch me around midnight but I did end up dancing with Savannah Guthrie for awhile. That girl can dance. Have you seen the sheer length of her legs?”

The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox verified Guthrie’s dancing abilities. “Savannah can dance this is true,” she wrote on Twitter. Guthrie replied, “Gratified to see the “side clap” dance move get the recognition it deserves.” Another fan called for a dance off.

Guthrie’s sheer length is is 5’10” tall. Last summer the New York Post‘s “Page Six” reported that she was asked to wear flats so she wouldn’t visually overpower the more petite Matt Lauer. Though she has reportedly admitted to going barefoot on occasion as to not tower over a guest, she denied that higher-ups instructed her not to wear heels. At the time, a show rep told NYP: ‘It’s not exactly a state secret that Savannah’s taller than her co-hosts in heels, but NBC doesn’t dictate the height of her heels or her chair.”