NBC Protects Ashton Kutcher From Nosy Journos


NBC’s scheduling a press conference for the new reality series The Real Wedding Crashers, and just to get the hi-jinks rolling, sent out a beaut of a memo:

An in person PRESS CONFERENCE has been scheduled for Friday, March 16 Pacific time from 11 a.m. -12 p.m. for our new unscripted series”The REAL Wedding Crashers” which will premiere in April. A simultaneous conference call has been scheduled so that out of town press may also may have the opportunity to partipate. Questions will be taken from in person journalists as well as from press on the phone. Please do not ask Ashton Kutcher any “personal” questions.

FBLA wonders just what constitutes a “personal” question:

Q. Does Demi every forget and call you “Bruce”?
Q. How much are you making from this show?
Q. Is your movie career basically over?

Ray Richmond wants to know:
Q.Do you ever want to change your name to something non-Ashton?
Q.Why can’t I ask you any personal questions?
Q.Any fatherhood claim to Anna Nicole’s baby?

Are personal questions for Gareth Reynolds, Ben Gleib and Jason Goldberg okay? Do they know that?