NBC Might Not Be On Top Of The Olympics…But The New York Times Is

While the debate rages on to why NBC is refusing to air any of its Winter Olympic coverage in real time, The New York Times wants you to know that they at least are. Writes Clark Hoyt yesterday:

The Times has no intention of changing its approach: report results as soon as it can, as prominently as they deserve. “Our job is to report the news,” said Tom Jolly, the sports editor. He said NBC “has made a business decision to show the highlights on a taped basis. We’re not beholden to presenting the news the way NBC does.”

Now, this has already caused some issues with readers who are used to having their television coverage with *spoiler alert* warnings, in case they haven’t had the chance to watch the show themselves yet. Too bad: this is the Olympics, not an episode of Lost. You wouldn’t ask the papers to not announce the Superbowl scores on the front page of their site just because you had to DVR the game. And NBC, by only showing the highlight reel after the games are over, might think they are appealing to the ADD generation that just wants a “best of” montage, and not to watch the whole boring game, but as Dan Gillmor of Mediactive wrote today, “Any news organization holding back on news because entertainment consumers want to live in their fantasy worlds deserves utter contempt.” We agree completely (just no spoilers about what happens to Anderson Cooper in Haiti, okay?)

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