David Gregory Just Can’t Win

It looks like David Gregory is just going to be everybody’s whipping boy from now on.

He’s a frequent target for attacks from the right, but this weekend even the left-leaning Media Matters went after him over an Obamacare segment on Meet the Press.

Apparently, Gregory said something along the lines of everyone in the country is being affected by an upcoming increase in the Medicare tax. That’s less than true. “He noted that while he didn’t understand all the ‘ins and outs’ of the healthcare law, its Medicare tax increases were one thing that would be apparent to all working Americans on their paychecks,” Media Matters said.

Actually, the increases only apply to the richest Americans, namely those with at least $200,000 in earned income.

The guy just can’t win. Well, maybe he could if he started saying things that were true. Here’s a couple of our favorite, recent let’s pile on Gregory stories, in case you need a refresher: WaPo’s Rubin to NBC: Dump David GregoryHeadline: ‘Is David Gregory a Vegetable?’, and David Gregory’s Innocent Father’s Day Question Elicits Love, Hate and Typos.