NAVIGON Traffic Live Add-in for iPhone MobileNavigator $19.95 Introductory Price

Navigon’s MobileNavigator North America is an $89.99 turn-by-turn driving navigation app for the iPhone. After getting 671 user reviews (so far), it has an excellent 4.5 (out 5) star rating. This apparently happy bunch of customers is good news for Navigon as they just launched a new feature for their product that involves an additional purchase…

NAVIGON Announces Traffic Live Feature for iPhone Navigation App

If you want live traffic information along with your GPS driving instructions, you can buy Navigon’s Traffic Live for the MobileNavigator for an additional $24.99. This purchase can be made in-app (from the MobileNavigator on your iPhone). It is discounted to $19.99 for the first four weeks it is available. And, it is a one-time purchase. There is no additional monthly recurring cost.

Sounds like a good deal if you do a lot of driving.