National Journal Unveils Document Library

There’s a new perk to subscribing to National Journal these days. Now, online members and subscribers have access to a Digital Document Library -billed by NJ as “a one-stop searchable database of tens of thousands of documents aggregated from a wide range of policy and politics sources.” The magazine worked with noodls, a real-time global information aggregator, to create the library.

Users will have access to research reports, testimonies, white papers, and press releases updated in near real-time from the websites of hundreds of sources that include global government agencies, think tanks, trade associations, and academic and corporate institutions. While NJ members and subscribers are given full access to the Document Library’s advanced search and alerting features. Non-members and visitors to are only given limited access.

All in all, there were 41,408 documents to peruse, going back to just the past year. That isn’t a huge reservoir of information, but with 177 documents listed as being added today, the library should become much more useful over time.

FBDC took the library feature for a spin and found it fairly useful, especially for finding press releases and statements from government officials. A search for “Kiev” for example yielded 161 results. We were able to narrow them down based on when they were released, what topical categories they fell into (i.e. national security, budget, political parties, etc…), and by which organizations they originated from (i.e companies, governments, people, public institutions, etc…).

There were also fairly robust results on campaign-related releases and releases from government agencies. We imagine the tool will come in handy for journalists who are looking for publicly accessible information, but don’t want to comb the Internet to find it.