National Journal Launches “The Gate”


From the release:

    National Journal Group, Washington’s leading publisher of political and policy news and analysis, announced today it is launching a news blog on its web site, The blog, named “The Gate,” will provide readers with updated news and information throughout the workday that is selected by the editorial staff. The site, which will be open to the public, aims to provide readers with a site where they can quickly and easily find all of the news they need to know to do their jobs and be informed.

    “We hope that our readers will bookmark ‘The Gate’ and come back to it throughout the course of the day for a quick read on what’s going on in the world,” said Jason Thompson, Editor of

    In addition to the major news stories of the day and other items of interest, “The Gate” will feature news items from other sections of (such as Poll Track and Ad Spotlight, and highlights from CongressDaily), as well as original reporting from the staff of National Journal Group.