National Journal Explains Hacking Incident

Last night we reported that National Journal President and Atlantic Media General Counsel Bruce Gottlieb had sent a company-wide internal memo Wednesday explaining to employees that had been invaded by “unauthorized” parties. NJ Publicist Ben Fishel responded to our burning questions on the matter.

FBDC: What could happen if someone downloads malware from the site?

BF: We are not able to determine what malware could have been uploaded to someone’s computer as a result of this – so we are encouraging everyone to use standard anti-virus software to remove any existing malware and to protect themselves from future malware.

See the remaining questions…

FBDC: How was it discovered?

BF: Engineers discovered code embedded in our website that was unauthorized.

FBDC: What has NJ done to address the matter?

BF: We hired an external IT security firm, and they believe that no evidence suggests that passwords or emails shared with National Journal were compromised. It’s what we are calling a front door attack, meaning the unauthorized individual did not enter through any back channels nor did they have access to our internal emails and network.

FBDC: What’s the current status of the situation?

BF: It was resolved very soon after we found it.  The outside firm was used to determine the who/what – we are still working with them now, but there is no evidence of any existing issues with the site now.