National Geographic Traveler Slept with Wright First

Blum House.jpg

As we told you earlier this week, the New York Times‘ Cultured Traveler column recently journeyed to Acme, Pennsylvania for a cozy weekend stay at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Duncan House, which is now a vacation rental. Meanwhile, National Geographic Traveler featured an article about the same rentable Wrights in its January/February 2008 issue, points out Gayle Keck, who wrote the article (which, alas, is not online). We asked Keck to share with us a fun fact that she picked up while researching the piece. “One Wright house-owner told me a previous owner had tossed an original Wright-designed bedframe out in the backyard so his kids could use it as a sandbox,” she told us. “Of course, that bed would be worth a fortune today.” As for the Times story, Keck says that “National Geographic Traveler definitely wins for best headline: “Sleeping with Mr. Wright.'”