National Association of Science Writers Gears Up for Critical Weekend Vote

Constitutional amendment would allow PR professionals to be part of leadership.

On Saturday at a conference in San Antonio, members of the National Association of Science Writers will decide whether or not to approve a critical amendment to their governing constitution. The amendment would allow public relations professionals to be part of the NASW’s leadership.


Undark has been covering this whole matter extensively. For the site’s latest coverage, Seth Mnookin crafted a sly lede and shared all the pertinent details:

In a survey that was conducted as part of an NASW ad-hoc committee’s report on the [proposed] amendment, close to 10 percent of responding NASW members said they would resign if the amendment passed and around 5 percent said they would leave if it did not. (Because the first group is disproportionately made up of high-profile journalists, there is concern that that a first wave of departures could lead to a much more significant exodus. NASW has more than 2,500 members and a little more than a quarter of them responded to the survey. Of that group, 39 percent labeled themselves as only journalists, 17 percent labeled themselves as only PIOs, and 22 percent classified themselves as “other.”)

Mnookin discloses near the top of the piece that he has belonged to NASW since 2011 and has been an elected member of the organization’s 15-member board since 2014. Saturday’s agenda concludes with NASW’s awards gala dinner at the Witte Museum. Read the rest of Mnookin’s report here.