NatGeo’s Instagram Video Goes Wild

And doesn't need sound to do it

National Geographic is making by far its best showing on the VideoWatch/Shareablee Top 10 weekly rankings for branded Instagram videos. From April 21-26, NatGeo's 15-second spot—that sweeps over the scenery of Lake Powell, Arizona—came in second only to the NBA, while garnering 95,500 interactions and an engagement rate exceeding 2 percent.

The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit's highest ranking before this performance came earlier this month when it finished No. 6 on the chart. NatGeo, like fellow Instagram stalwart GoPro, is a natural fit for the social-video platform because it can leverage its global editorial team to produce breathtaking footage that other brands simply cannot bring to bear.

But here's what's interesting about NatGeo's work this week: There's no sound—it's all about the amazing view. It brings to mind Starbuck's extremely simplistic and highly effective Instagram video from a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the NBA, Victoria's Secret and UFC continue to show well on Instagram. Also, MTV appears in our rankings for the first time.

Check out our multimedia infographic, which allows viewers to watch the videos while seeing what kind of organic reach the brands generated.

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