The Diminished Impact of an Entertainment Weekly Cover

There are exactly 408 hours left until the January 14th, 5 p.m. PT deadline for submitting 2010 Oscar ballots. That still leaves plenty of time for 5,755 Academy shoppers to browse the merchandise and revise their lists.

However, according to’s veteran awards watcher Gregory Ellwood, some window dressing doesn’t quite carry the weight that it used to. Reacting to Entertainment Weekly‘s cover choice of The Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman and 127 Hours star James Franco, Ellwood suggests:

This web veteran doesn’t mean to knock an already crumbling print industry, but you hardly hear anyone talking about who made the front page of Friday’s New York Times Arts & Leisure or LA Times Arts Calendar sections these days. And a whole generation will soon work in movie marketing never understanding what a “double truck” print ad is (figure it out) after the two biggies used to be full of them.

More broadly, Ellwood thinks the trades and upstart print publications like’s special issues gambit are all headed for a day of reckoning with the For Your Consideration bean counters, maybe as soon as next summer. His prediction that sales people affiliated with these outlets will have to turn in Oscar worthy performances to maintain ad spending levels is 100% accurate.