A Dreamy Harper’s Bazaar Itinerary

Natalie Decleve decided 10 years in New York City was enough.

NatalieDecleveCheck out the beginning of a Dec. 23 article penned by stylist and journalist Natalie Decleve (pictured) for Harper’s Bazaar. It left us thinking that we should all be so lucky as to have a friend like Andy:

I didn’t know where, but I knew I was going. I told my landlord I’d be giving up my dreamy, West Village apartment, distributed my worldly possessions between friends and storage, and prepared to uproot. Coincidence or universal alignment linked me with a long lost buddy who was looking for a travel partner in July. Andy, a (mostly) retired lawyer who plays banjo and climbs mountains for fun, had just returned from wrangling horses in Iceland after three months in Berlin and was bound to North America for visa reasons.

Decleve, a California native who has lived in New York for the past 10 years, will be posting weekly updates about her search for a new place to call home. Along with the U.S., she is also checking out the Caribbean and Europe.

She loves New York, but still yearns for a place that offers a bit more of a holistic and natural connection. Decleve doesn’t mention politics or President-elect Donald Trump in her first installment, which sees her traveling from Annapolis to Sedona. But surely that was a factor in her decision to uproot and possibly settle beyond U.S. borders.

Decleve’s ancestors are Belgian, so perhaps she will wind up in Bruges.

Photo via: nattystyle.com