Napkin Drawing Shared Via Social Media Spawns Film Franchise

Some publicity you just can’t see coming. For instance, when artist Alex Panagopoulos sketched this picture on a coffee napkin, he probably didn’t intend to spawn a film franchise starring a certain eyebrow-raising former wrestler. And yet…

You may recognize this sword-wielding Teddy Bear from heavy circulation online (we posted it on Facebook ourselves at one point, as it seemed to justify our undying love for a childhood teddy that we may or may not still have). After Panagopoulos presumably shared his impromptu artwork over the interwebs, it eventually earned the caption “Teddy Bears: Protecting innocent children from monsters under the bed since 1902,” making its way around social media as a mock motivational poster.

In yet another testament to the power of social media, the filmmakers at New Line Cinema caught on to the picture’s sentimental popularity, bought the rights to the image, and greenlit a potential film franchise starring none other than Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock).

The film, tentatively titled Teddy Bear, has no plot details as of yet, but we sincerely hope it comes out a little better than recent films starring the former wrestler (see – or rather don’t see – Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan).

Unfortunately, we can smell what The Rock is cooking.

From a PR standpoint, we are once again reminded of the two-sided-coin that is social media marketing: while your life and/or work could inspire a Hollywood film, said film might star The Rock. Click “share” at your own risk.