My Old Masterpiece Probably Belongs in the Trash


The fellas at Ideas on Ideas just don’t quit with the interesting. This time ’round, it’s “Creativity Is a Discipline of Learning” which, like a lot of Ideas’ essays are a mix of the personal and the get-you-thinking-about-design. It’s all about finding your early work and discovering that maybe it wasn’t so great as you’d imagined and how you can view it now, with time having cured you of those initial “that’s brilliant” inner-thoughts. If you’re human and you create stuff, you undoubtedly have gone through this time and time again. Just this weekend, visiting a great friend and collaborator for the past couple of decades, we inevitably always reach the things addressed in this essay, and over some beers, cringe again and again at the stuff we thought was unbeatable way back when. And then, as if on a beat, we promptly made another couple of creative thingies and said, “I don’t know. I think this might be the best work we’ve ever done.” We’ll see in five years. We’ll see.