My iPhone App Updates: 15 Updated This Past Week

15 of my iPhone apps were updated in the past week. Updates 1MB or larger are noted in parentheses. You may note that some of the apps listed were on one of my booted apps list. They are shown as updated because they were unsynced with my iPhone rather that completely removed from my iTunes app library.

Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an iPhone OS 3.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes.

1. ABC News 2.5 (2.6m) Download stories by section for offline reading. Delete alerts. Video quality improved

2. Chuck Me Out 1.1 (4.5m) Three overlays added

3. 2.0 (42.2m) Shake device to see random word. Spanish word of the day. Audio pronounciation for English Word of the Day. Antonyms in Thesaurus.

4. Google Mobile App (2.8m) Voice search for iPod touch (2nd generation or newer)

5. IMDb Movies & TV 1.1 Faster search & browser. Search box on the top of every page. History. In-app browser. TV listings in US localized to time zone

6. 1.2 (1.7m)

7. myStarbucks 1.2.1 (5.6m) Choose market (country). Filters for calories & allergens.

8. NBC Olympics 1.3 (2.5m)

9. Sekai Camera 2.1.1 (2.4m)

10. Simplify Music 2 2.2.2 (2.8m)

11. TapDefense 3.0(8.2m) Save game between levels

12. Thomson Reuters News Pro 1.2.2 Share items using Twitter. New story navigation. Returns to same tab used in last session

13. Twittelator 3.7 (2.3m) Regional trends. Works with OmniFocus.

14. Twitterrific 2.1.4 (2.5m)

15. Waze 1.7.0 (8m) Frequent routes automatically learned. User contribution scoreboard. French & German localization