My Blackout Configuration: Asus Eee PC T91MT + HTC Touch Pro2 + T-Mobile EDGE


Power returned to my neighborhood about 90 minutes after it failed (thanks to the quick response of the local electric company crew!). I decided to finally test out the Windows Mobile Internet Sharing app that shipped with the HTC Touch Pro2 I bought in August (it also came with the T-Mobile Dash I used up until a year ago). I had used the feature before with a different phone and netbook combination. But, this was a first for the configuration I used today. This is not rocket science. But, I thought people might be interested in what I used and how it worked. So, here it is…

1. T-Mobile wireless data service: 3G is available in the metro area but not where I live. The slower EDGE network generally provides data rates of around 100 to 200 Kbps. Compare this to the 700Kbps speeds I’ve seen using T-Mobile or AT&T’s 3G network or the 900+Kbps downstream speed I’ve seen on Verizon’s 3G. Unfortunately, as I said earlier, neither AT&T nor Verizon provide data tethering for their iPhone or Droid phones. So, T-Mobile came to my rescue.

2. HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile 6.1 phone: Like other Windows Mobile based phones sold through T-Mobile, this one came with Microsoft’s Internet Sharing app built-in.

3. Asus Eee PC T91MT touch screen netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition: This netbook has a 8.9″ touch screen LCD screen and a cramped keyboard (much more cramped than the similar sized 1st generation Acer Aspire One for some reason).

4. I connect the phone and netbook using a USB cable. Bluetooth could have been used for tethering. But, that would have involved using the BT radio’s in both devices that could drain both batteries a bit faster than I wanted. The USB cable also provided power from the netbook (which was fully charged) to the phone (which was also fully charged). This drained the netbook a bit. But, it has a pretty decent battery life.

5. The Internet Sharing app is in the Windows Mobile programs area like every other app on the phone. I tapped on its icon and pressed the connect button.

6. Windows 7 on the netbook recognized the connection automatically and installed the apporpraite driver without prompting me.

7. The netbook running Windows 7 had Internet access a few seconds after the driver was installed and configured (automatically). And, I was online.

I posted the first three blog posts of the day using this setup. And, quite honestly, the EDGE data speed looked decent to me – no complaints.