My 2009 Android App Picks: Apps I Actually Use!

There are many “best of” apps list. I think mine is a bit different. My lists today features apps that I simply actually use on a regular basis. Here’s the list of Android apps I regularly use on my Droid. All of them are free…

Advanced Task Killer: I had lots of battery power drain issues until I installed this app. I use it at least once a day (and usually more often) to eliminate unneeded running apps. It seems to do a good job of identifying the needed from the unneeded.

Movies by Flixster: I like movies. So, this is a must have even though I also have a version of it on my iPhone.

Seesmic for Android: Twitter apps for Android do not compare well against Twitter apps available for the iPhone. Seesmic for Android seems to have a particular problem with quickly and reliably uploading photos for sharing via Twitter. Still, it is the best Twitter app I’ve tried so far on Android and seems relatively well behaved.

Bonsai Blast: This is a great marble group’n’shoot Zuma-type game. I liked it so much after trying it on the T-Mobile G1 last year, that I bought the iPhone version after returning the G1 and buying an iPhone. I still play this game even though completed all the levels last year.

gStrings: A very nice (though somewhat slightly crash prone) musical instrument turner

Multiplaform apps:
I mentioned the Qik video live streaming app and Evernote cloud note taking app in my Windows Mobile list. Both also have a place on this Android app list.

Honorable Mentions:
– Layar
– Dolphin Browser
– wpToGo
– Astro File Manager
– Drupal Editor
– Metal Detector