Museum Industry Tries Turning to Tech to Drum Up Interest

Speaking of the museum struggle, here’s another interesting story from the AP about the ways the industry is trying to fight back the tough times with technology. “We won’t think of hanging a work of art without a label and at least the audio clip,” says Dan Keegan at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Everything’s gone free wi-fi, iPod rentals, and even thinking about using GPS to guide people around (how this is possible, we’re not sure, unless they use mini-satellites, which would be awesome times three). But while this tech trend seems fairly centered on those big civic centers like New York and Los Angeles, and as we saw in our previous post that having a big new draw that lots of people show up for doesn’t necessarily translate into more income, it’s likely something that will make for a wide sweep across the industry, at least for those museums who are fortunate enough to keep their doors open throughout the storm.