Murray Hits The Road

From an internal Washington Post announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    With the presidential primary season already all but upon us, Shailagh Murray will soon hit the road as a key member of our National political team, leaving an immediate opening for a reporter to help us cover Capitol Hill. Shailagh’s done a great job for us on the Hill this year, producing some strong enterprise in the midst of the news-intensive war over the war, and helped lead our innovative congressional voices project following four different members of Congress as they struggle with what to do about Iraq (see especially her account of Chicago liberal Jan Schakowsky’s visit to the Green Zone). She’ll continue to help us think about ways of covering the bumper crop of senators running for president and will take up full-time reporting on and from the trail as soon as we can find a successor. We’re looking for a reporter with a passion for Congress, who can keep us competitive on a highly competitive Washington beat, with a particular but not exclusive focus on the Senate. We’ll also turn to this correspondent to be a leader in our coverage of next year’s battle for control of Congress as Democrats struggle to keep both chambers. So ideally we’d find someone with a strong political sensibility, a keen sense of the institution and how it works — and a desire to write with a strong accountability focus about an institution at the nexus where Washington money meets politics.

Who do you think will get the sweet gig?