Murdoch’s ‘New York Post’ Makes Boss a Nonstory

Paper buries foam-filled hearing on page 35

The New York Post has been shying away from the hacking scandal in which its parent company, News Corp., has been embroiled lately. So it's not really a surprise that the paper didn't lead with the story of Tuesday's big hearing before a committee of the U.K.'s Parliament, when News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch and his son James testified about the scandal and the elder Murdoch was attacked by a protestor wielding a plate full of shaving cream.

Still, except for the News Corp. element, this certainly seems like a good Post story: A global media baron called to testify about his company’s crimes attacked by a comedian with the old pie-in-the-face routine, and defended by his attractive younger wife. And yet the paper just plain buried it, sticking it on page 35 under the headline "Frank Talk At Probe." 

Other American tabloids certainly thought the story worthy of more prominent treatment. The New York Daily News, the Post's rival, put the story on the cover and then ran its coverage on pages two through five. That can be waved away, as the two papers like nothing more than sticking it to each other, but then there's the Philadelphia Daily News, which slapped Murdoch on the cover with the headline “Rupe of All Evil: Murdoch Gets What’s Coming to Him."