Murdoch Op-Ed Reinforces Defiance Against Aggregators

murdoch wef.pngNews Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch spoke last week before the Federal Trade Commission about the government intervening to save the dying media industry. He was, in short, completely against it. And now we can all read his thoughts on the future of the media, since his statements before the FTC were published as an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal today.

Days after Google CEO Eric Schmidt reminded those like Murdoch that aggregators can actually help newspapers, in the op-ed pages of the Journal no less, Murdoch couldn’t help but take a jab at the “theft” these sites perpetrate against content creators:

“Right now content creators bear all the costs, while aggregators enjoy many of the benefits. In the long term, this is untenable. We are open to different pay models. But the principle is clear: To paraphrase a famous economist, there’s no such thing as a free news story, and we are going to ensure that we get a fair but modest price for the value we provide.”

We know those “different pay models” are being discussed, we just can’t wait to see what eventually comes of it. Will News Corp.’s content finally, eventually be stripped from Google? Or will Murdoch continue to beat the anti-aggregator drum while still enjoying the benefit of all the hits thrown his way?

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