Murderer Posed As Woman On Facebook To Lure Rival

A jealous 19-year-old lured his love's boyfriend to his death by pretending to be a woman via Facebook.

A spurned man lured his love’s new boyfriend to his death by pretending to be a woman via Facebook.

Israel Nieves, 19, of Orange County, Florida, allegedly set up a phony Facebook account under the guise of a woman named Ty-Ann, to approach his ex’s new boyfriend, victim, Jason Rodriguez, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Reportedly, Nieves had recently ended his affair with the unidentified girl whom had begun dating Rodriguez, a 19-year-old amateur body builder and college student.

The girl contends that her relationship with Nieves had been rocky and rape accusations involving her and familial threats led to their breakup.

When the couple separated, Nieves sent the girl a picture of himself holding a gun (pictured right).

Nieves, pretending to be Ty-Ann, flirted with Rodriguez for weeks via the social networking site. When Rodriguez wanted to chat via phone or engage in a video chat, Nieves asked a female friend to take over the role of his made-up persona. The unidentified woman whom Nieves asked to impersonate him told police that she thought it was a harmless prank.

Orange County court records indicate that the pretend Ty-Ann invited Rodriguez to an Orlando address that he thought was hers.

The young man drove to the meeting place and sat patiently in his car waiting for the woman to show up but instead of coming face-to-face with Ty-Ann, he was instead confronted by Nieves.

Police detectives told the Sentinel that the suspect calmly walked up to Rodriguez’s car window and shot him point blank in the face and neck. Rodriguez died a week later at a local hospital.

An eyewitness saw everything that had transpired between Nieves and Rodriguez. When the gunman noticed the onlooker, he gave chase.

The witness escaped unharmed. The witness was able to supply police detectives with all of the details they needed to obtain a search warrant, in order to investigate Nieves’ residence where he lived with his parents.

Not only did police discover the garments worn by Nieves that the witness had described to them but also a .32-caliber gun.

Nieves was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He is being held without bond at the Orange County jail and also faces a rape charge of a 14-year-old girl he met online.

Now to circle back to the Facebook aspect of this case, we know that impersonating someone online is a misdemeanor in California but not in Florida; but the impersonation took place on Facebook, which is based in California.

So, dear readers, do you think that the case against Nieves ought to include his posing as someone else on Facebook, to set a precedent?