Much Hyped Reality Weekly Not Doing So Hot

The newly-launched Reality Weekly magazine, a title that hangs its success upon hanging on Kim Kardashian’s every word, is having a bit of a softer launch than owners American Media Inc expected.

The first issue, which hit newsstands the last week of December, sold just 100,000 copies, even though stores were shipped half a million.

According to MediaBuyerPlanner, subsequent issues have sold even less, even though AMI CEO David Pecker was saying just last month that by week six, the magazine would be selling a million copies a week.

The mag is priced lower than its competitors, at $1.79, a price that 40 different focus groups and research studies found “100 percent acceptance,” Pecker said.

Since the magazine is put together by existing AMI staffers, it shouldn’t be too much of a drag if it turns out that this magazine has finally found Americans’ reality TV limit. Although Omarosa might be bummed.