MTV’s Teen Wolf Moving to Los Angeles

If MTV’s teen drama Teen Wolf is renewed for a third season, the show will make the move from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed the report over the weekend with Georgia Film, TV and Film, Music & Digital Entertainment office spokeswoman Stefanie Paupeck:

California offers tax credits, like Georgia, but limits them to a certain dollar amount. Since there is far more demand than supply, the state holds a lottery.

MTV and MGM, the production companies that make “Teen Wolf,” put in for the lottery – and won. So “Teen Wolf” is going Hollywood for a likely third season. (The show is averaging 1.7 to 1.8 million viewers in its first run so far, comparable to season one. Though MTV has not said so, a renewal is likely.)

Despite what has been said by Georgia officials, an MTV spokeswoman said a final decision has not been made on a location, though that may be because they haven’t squared everything yet in California.

There is a hassle factor to move mid-run. They have to find new crew members and build new sets. Plus, the California credits aren’t quite as generous as those in Georgia.

But Warner Brothers clearly had its reasons to make the move and not turn down those credits. The fact is: most of the creative types (the writers, the producers, the main actors) live in Los Angeles and would prefer to stay there if possible.

Since Teen Wolf is based in a fictional northern California town, it’s only fitting the series is headed west.