Movies, Maltin, & More Movies–The Mind Reelz


ReelzChannel is a new cable channel devoted to movies and the movie biz, and it kicks off today. Rod Perth is the head guy, and it’s produced right in downtown Los Angeles.

ReelzChannel’s anchor show will be Dailies, hosted by Mike Richards and according to the press release:

it’s designed as the go-to show for news and information about movies.

But the real treat is Leonard Maltin on overlooked screen gems. Maltin is a living treasure, and should just have his own network, in our opinion. He’s dreamy.

Robert Emery will take a look at a series (shown previously on Starz) The Directors, and The Big Tease shows current and upcoming trailers. Which, as we all know, means that we won’t have to see the actual dud. FBLA is thankful for Tivo.