Denver Filmmaker Seeks to Identify ‘Viewer Zero’

Movieline has a fun follow-up today to an earlier piece about a movie that grossed $11 over the weekend at Laemmle’s Sunset 5.

Basically, both the writer-director of sci-fi send-up The Worst Movie Ever!, Glenn Berggoetz, and the owner of the arthouse complex are eager to find out who the heck ponied up for the only paid admission to last Friday and Saturday’s midnight screenings. The Denver based auteur tells Movieline this was definitely no PR stunt:

Berggoetz said his efforts to turn up the identity of his lone theatrical patron has yielded no success to date… The last 48 hours have turned up a few Facebook sources claiming to have attended the Saturday screening, but he hasn’t been able to confirm any of them as Viewer Zero.

There are many more cool details in the article by S.T. VanAirsdale, including the fact that since the website first wrote about this movie’s catastrophic LA box office, the film’s YouTube trailer has registered tens of thousands of views. As the reporter notes, it’s too early to tell yet whether the Laemmle might have the makings of another The Room-style hit.