‘Move the Turtle’ Teaches Basic Programming on the iPad

Do you recall Logo, the language that introduced many of us to programming? It featured a turtle icon which you could give commands to move around the screen. That turtle has made a comeback.

Move the Turtle is a new iPad app that uses the familiar character combined with simple graphics to tech programming. It’s targeted at 8+, and from the looks of things this app should be simple enough for most kids to figure out on their own. But according to some reports, later tasks in the app are going to require help from an adult. Wired recently reviewed the app, and here’s what they thought:

Move the Turtle is a bargain at $2.99, and is a great introduction to programming for kids (and adults who like turtles). I highly recommend it for all kids, whether or not they want to get into programming. The kind of thinking required to solve the tasks in the app is important for everyone to learn, for every field of study.