Motorola Karma is Socially Aware. Groovy.

AT&T’s 3G network is being used for yet another socially savvy mobile device; the upcoming Moterolla Karma QA1 is curvy, compact and socially aware. The phone will have quick access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, JuiceCaster and more. From Motorola’s perspective, the idea of a mobile device is to support communication, no matter how it occurs.

That’s a good point of view to have, considering the dominance of Apple’s iPhone, and the multimedia support mobile devices need for creating, sharing and consuming content. With what appears to be a main tab for social networking, a menu of socially integrated applications are ready and able to connect you with your web world.

It’s a concept that hasn’t been lost in the past few years, only catalyzed thanks to leaps made by Apple and other companies such as Nokia. With furthered support frm the device makers themselves, it’s becoming infinitely easier for social networks to lobby for prominent placement on mobile devices.

The same once rang true for computer desktops, where a pre-installed application could catapult a software company into fortune and fame. Over the past few years we’ve seen several steps taken on the sides of device makers, social network owners and mobile network providers to offer socially aware services that will ultimately benefit consumers.

Just as important is the matter of Motorola’s platform, should the device creator decide to battle against the likes of Apple, Android and Nokia in this realm. Mobile platforms are gaining ground as a viable economy, stimulating growth for developers and advertisers in their rising ability to generate revenue.

This is all quite reflective of a shift we’ve seen for pre-installed mobile apps, as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft battle it out for the placement of their own services to direct users to their own products accordingly, namely through search. With the push for socially aware apps to be pre-installed on mobile devices, we’re likely to see mobile search taking advantage of this shift as well.