Mother Jones Uses Video Scoop to Ask For Cash

You knew this was coming.

This morning Mother Jones’s Washington Bureau Chief David Corn sent out a fundraising note to readers asking for donations in light of his big scoop. And why not gloat over such an exclusive? In short, don’t you want more exposé and undercover Mitt Romney videos? Don’t you want more “turbocharged investigative reporting?”

Dear So and So,

This week, Mother Jones broke one of the biggest stories of the presidential campaign: undercover video of Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of Americans are freeloaders and that peace in the Middle East is not possible.

Our scoop made the front pages of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other major papers across the country. Bloomberg news declared that “today, Mitt Romney lost the election.” Romney himself was forced to respond to Mother Jones in a hastily organized press conference.

It’s a huge story. And you can help us publish more like it.

You see, Mother Jones is a nonprofit whose reporting is paid for mostly by donations. If you appreciate our Romney exposé, please support our reporting by donating $5 or $10 to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund.

We’ll use your gift to fund more hard-hitting reporting like this Romney story: real investigative journalism that has immediate real-world impact. Stories that expose what powerful politicians don’t want you to know.

Can you spare $5 or $10 to support more reporting like this? Even a small contribution would mean a lot to me and my team of reporters. And anything you give is tax-deductible. Please donate today via credit card orPayPal.

With gratitude,

David Corn
Washington bureau chief, Mother Jones

P.S. Your support is especially important right now. We want to turbocharge our investigative reporting during the last 48 days of the election. Please donate today.