More People ‘Like’ Twitter Than Facebook, Google Or Any Top 10 Website (Except One)

Since its launch just over a year ago, Facebook’s Like button has become very popular on websites throughout the world – a recent study suggested that 10.8% of all sites on the internet use the button on their pages.

It may not always be visible, but all the major sites use Facebook’s Like in some capacity. And it’s very easy to add a Facebook Like button to your own website – simply head over to the Facebook Developers pages, type in your website and grab the code.

And while you’re there, you might want to check out the Like stats for some other websites, too. Maybe your competitors, for example. That’s right – Facebook lets you type in any website into its Like Button Code generator and if they’re using the button you can see their Like stats right there.

By looking at Alexa’s list of the top websites, we can quickly work out which of these is the most ‘Liked’ on the internet. Amazingly, it isn’t They’re not even close. It isn’t Google, either, who aren’t even as well-Liked as Twitter. Yahoo? LinkedIn? Don’t make me laugh.

So who is it?

If you guessed YouTube, give yourself a pat on the back. With 5,269,221 total Likes, YouTube has over 2.5 times the Likes of second-place Twitter. Google takes the shameful bronze.

Amazingly, YouTube doesn’t even feature the Like button on their page. So how have all of those Likes been accumulated? Witchcraft! Or possibly in some other, less sinister way. But it’s right there for all to see.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. YouTube, 5,269,221 Likes
  2. Twitter, 1,969,479 Likes
  3. Google, 1,918,529 Likes
  4. Yahoo, 460,625 Likes
  5. MSN, 93,090 Likes
  6. LinkedIn, 75,726 Likes
  7. Facebook, 75,267 Likes
  8. Blogger, 28,739 Likes
  9. Wikipedia, 11,590 Likes
  10. Baidu, 5,155 Likes

Visit Facebook’s Like Button Code generator and check this all out for yourself.

(Source: Alexa, Facebook Developers.)