Morning Snack: WaPo’s Milbank in Big Hunt Bathroom

WaPo‘s Dana Milbank has a claim to fame that few Washington D.C. journalists can top. His poster is on a wall above the urinals in the bathroom of The Big Hunt. The grungy bar is located off Dupont Circle.

The truth is, it’s not easy having your picture above a set of urinals. People who are already letting it all hang out have things they want to get off their chest, such as, “What a f–king poseur, get over yourself!” or “His utter lack of insight is overwhelming.” There were others: “I love you!” and “Winning!”

But even the FishbowlDC Tipster who sent us this picture from the men’s room was thoroughly disturbed by it. He wrote, “This is why I hate DC. I took this pic in the bathroom of a bar. What a d-bag and why do people even comment on his poster?”