Morning Reading List, 11.13.08

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Good morning Washington.

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What’s in and out in Washington. “Martin Eisenstadt” Revealed. 10 years ago, President Bill Clinton agreed to pay Paula Jones $850,000. Peter Arnett is 74. “Palin Aims at Detractors In Remaking Her Image.” For most, your preferred first lady is Laura Bush. Check out Ed O’Keefe’s Federal Eye at Check out’s image from the new visitor’s center. FamousDC rights a wrong with Politico’s Jonathan Martin. Arianna Huffington presents, “The Winners and Losers of Campaign ’08”. The Stump presents, ” The Foreign Press on Obama”. The Sardonic Sideshow points out, “McCain is Doing Bob Dole’s Material”. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “Still no publication of the 2,000-word magazine cover story I wrote on a rushed deadline (2 days) two months ago and no word on when it will see the light of day.”

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  • Pamela’s Punch answers the question, “Where in the world is Kate Gibbs?”

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  • Washingtonian reports that Donald Graham is getting inducted to the Washington Business Hall of Fame.

  • E&P reports, “As Tribune Co. continues to reorganize its Washington, D.C., bureau, look for more consolidated coverage, according to Cissy Baker, the recently appointed new bureau chief.”

  • NiemanJouranlismLab reports, “How stealable is Politico’s success? Not very”

  • Gawker reports, “Fake New York Times Declares Iraq War Over! Here’s Who Did It”

  • The AP reports, “New York Times takes $166M charge for Boston Globe, other New England papers”

  • Reuters’ MediaFile reports, “WSJ=Way Smarter Journalists”

  • E&P reports, “The Associated Press has changed its style of referring to top leaders to include full names on first reference.”

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  • Barbara Harrison…selling her place.

  • A release announced, “The Parents Television Council applauded MSNBC’s decision to institute a brief delay for ‘Morning Joe,’ and called on other networks to follow suit with their live shows. ‘Morning Joe’ Host Joe Scarborough used an unedited ‘f-word’ during the live show on Monday, November 10, although to his credit, he apologized quickly and profusely after realizing he used that expletive.”

  • CNet’s the social reports, “Layoffs hit Al Gore’s Current Media”

  • The Fix explores the question, “Chris Matthews for Senate?”

  • Washington Post’s Harold Meyerson writes a memo to Fox’s Roger Ailes, apologizing.

  • TVNewser asks, “Who Is Martin Eisenstadt?”

  • The AP reports, “Analyst says ad slowdown hitting national outlets”

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  • Slashdot reports, “Washington Post Blog Shuts Down 75% of Online Spam”

  • The Press Gazette reports, “News websites which do not embrace video whole-heartedly will go out of business, according to video journalism pioneer Michael Rosenblum.”

  • Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum asks, “Is Jeff Jarvis gloating too much about the death of print?”

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  • FishbowlNY reports, “Discover Cuts Publisher, Senior Editor”

  • The New York Observer reports, “Top Editors Burnish Own Brands With Bylines, Books”

  • min magazine 2008: Hottest Magazine Launches

  • The New York Observer reports, “New Yorker Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza finalized an agreement Monday with Vanessa Mobley of the Penguin Press to write a book about President-elect Barack Obama’s first year in office. Mr. Lizza’s contract, worth a sum in the mid-six-figures, was negotiated by his D.C.-based literary agent, Gail Ross.”

  • Crain’s New York Business reports, “Time Inc. layoffs begin”

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  • paidContent reports, “Vivian Schiller, President & CEO, National Public Radio: NPR Can Solve Hyperlocal”

  • Forbes reports, “Kinsey Wilson, NPR’s new digital chief on what the Internet means to public radio and its affiliate network.”

  • Radio Ink reports, “Sirius XM Radio CEO Mel Karmazin began his remarks on today’s third-quarter earnings conference call with, ‘I know it’s difficult, in the economic environment we are in, and where our stock price is trading, to be very pleased and proud of our operating performance, but we must.'”

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  • Politico reports, “A roomful of academics erupted in angry boos Tuesday morning after political analyst Michael Barone said journalists trashed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republicans’ vice presidential nominee, because ‘she did not abort her Down syndrome baby.’ Barone said in an e-mail that he ‘was attempting to be humorous and … went over the line.'”

  • Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz takes a look at Robert Gibbs.

  • TNR’s The Stump reports, “What seemed to weigh on the minds of reporters, though, many of whom were still exhausted from the campaign trail, was the perennial anxiety about access. Of particular concern was where major announcements will be made — about Cabinet appointments and other personnel. Will it be Chicago or DC? Podesta offered few details. ‘We will try to give you as much advance as possible, but I have none for you today,’ he said. He added that announcements ‘most likely will take place in Chicago, although I can’t guarantee that.’ Translation: Be ready to hop a flight to the Windy City on a moment’s notice. No rest for the weary, it appears”

  • AAAS Announces Winners of the 2008 AAAS Science Journalism Awards

  • The Times’ Gerard Baker asks, “Obama: is America ready for this dangerous left winger?”

  • The Pew Weekly News Interest Index shows, “By all accounts, the public liked Campaign 2008 and followed election news avidly. But enough is enough. Fully 82% say they will not miss following election news, while only 17% say they will miss it. Even among Democrats, only a quarter say they will miss the campaign.”

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  • The Army Times Publishing Company is looking for a News Editor for Air Force Times.

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